New ONLINE Study: How To Read the Bible for All Its Worth

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We all know that we’re supposed to be reading our Bible on a regular basis.  It’s part of having good “Holy Habits” (aka Spiritual disciplines).  But for some, the thought of reading the Bible can be daunting.  After all, it’s a big book, with weird words and lots of authors.

I feel you.  Reading, understanding, and studying the Bible can be challenging.  That’s why we’re doing something pretty cool.  We’re going through an AWESOME book by Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart called “How to Read the Bible For All Its Worth.”  What’s cool about this book is that it takes the entire Bible, and breaks it into Lunch-sized portions.  As you read through this book, you’ll gain insight into every book of the Bible, who wrote what, historical context, you name it, it’s there.  Together, we’ll explore all kinds of tools and share resources so that you can feel confident about reading the Word of God on a daily basis, understanding it, and applying it to your life.

The BEST part of the study though, is that we’re doing this COMPLETELY online.  Join me Wednesdays this Summer on Facebook Live as I go through “How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth.”  You can download the PDFs below, and here’s a link to purchase the book (you don’t HAVE to, but I totally recommend it!).

Join us here, every Wednesday this Summer at 12:15.  No matter where you are, you can access this study.  Take your lunch at 1:00?  No worries.  The videos will be archived so you can still join in, no matter what time it is.  Questions?  Email me!  Hope I “see” you this Summer!

Jessica Perry

Jessica Perry

Pastor of Creative Arts

As an experienced worship pastor and ensemble leader, Jess followed God’s call to Valley in 2009.  With a degree in Worship Arts from Hope International University, Jess’ training in classical and contemporary voice and piano combines with her relational approach to ministry to invite people into honest worship.  While she has a passion for multi-generational worship, back-to-basics Bible teaching, speaking, and gadgetry, her greatest joy is being wife to her husband, John, and spending time in the kitchen (#PerryCulinaryMasterpiece). She is resigned to the fate of her beloved San Diego Padres, and has a deep, deep love for coffee.